Argentum Regio has many typical animals such as dogs, cats, pigs and cows, but some animals call for special attention.

Druids are expected not to kill animals- the only exception being deer, as long as you eat your kills, and rats, whose large number and occasionally aggressive behavior make them unnecessary to be protected by the gods.

Those who follow Deeproot or Nagaelai are warned not to kill other animals, else suffer the wrath of the gods.

  • Animal kills are counted, with some animals having different values. So feline animals add towards the feline kill counter, and so on. As of yet, there is no way of cleaning ones soul of these deaths, and some beings and gods will not look favorably on those with bloody hands- so it is advised not to kill what you do not need to- even if it attacks you first. - A useful method of avoiding animal kills is having a familiar, summon or companion with you when exploring- the gods do not begrudge them for defending you, and the kill does not taint you.
  • All animals except snakes speak animal. Snakes speak Ssname. 
  • Most information on animals can be considered IC. The only exception may be the information on horses, which most folk assume are beasts imported from far off lands- at most, they may know that the Cholla traffic them.
  • Animals associated with Lycanthropes may have negative associations. However many people may not know the lycanthopic species aside from wolves.


Badgers often travel in pairs and are angry little buggers. Always hostile, even to druids, they can be a source of exasperation when having to kick them away (and avoid killing them).


Bats are often see fluttering about quickly, and often gather in large colonies in caves.

Although they are perfectly harmless and non-hostile, bats unfortunately have a bad reputation in Argentum Regio, due to the association with Vampires (who can turn into bats) and werebats.


Bears are most likely to be found in caves, although occasionally wild magic will throw all sorts of odd species of bears into the wild.

Bear species commonly found in the wilds are grizzlies, browns and dire bears. Occasionally bears like pandas, spectacle bears and even polar bears have been spotted, but are likely disorientated victims of wild magic.

  • Taking on a bear form or being a werebear will make all bears passive.


Argentum Regio has far too many types of birds to even list. Most birds will fly away from non-druids or predators, except seagulls who are tenacious and after your food, so they don't catch the attention of most.

To Druids and Rangers though, they can be useful or utter annoyances. Birds love to talk to Druids and Rangers- where do you think the saying 'A little bird told me' came from? When the nature folk need information this isn't so much a problem, but when you just want to be left in peace, birds are devil spawn.


Your average boar is not uncommon in the wilds, especially Esrogoth or near the Zeethan river to the west. Grumpy souls, boar don't much like others getting close and will often attack. Even druids find them bad tempered, although are rarely attacked by them.

There are sightings of their more magical brethen about: such as the vicious Razor Boar and dire boar.


In the wilds south of the river, Crag cats are common. Large, predatory cats, they have been known to kill the unsuspecting adventurer moving through their territories.

Panthers are also known to stalk certain cave systems and the Ilfaw Fens, likely coming from further east, from the Dildmar Jungles.

Dohral has a high population of domestic cats, which particularly like the Temple in South Donnel and some locations in Egbort.

  • Taking on a feline form, or being a werecat, will make all cats passive.


Your everyday, basic livestock. Used for milk, meat and labour (Horses are not used, for reasons stated below). Cows have the unfortunate luck of being a target of wild magic. For reasons unknown, it's quite common to have a cow fall from the sky onto your head while using magic in wild magic hot spots.


Deer are everywhere and are a good source of meat and hides. The best area's to find them are in the wilds, however they have keen survival instincts and will run away from non-druids or predators. Deities of Nature understand that the deer is a prey animal. While respect must be paid to this species whose lives provide the hunt, they will not damn those who kill them, as long as they eat the deer they kill and do not waste a life.

  • (Deer are the craved food of Werewolf hunger)


Horses are not from this realm, and although very useful, are incredibly expensive due to their rarity and source.

Horses are drawn from another realm into this one through the summon mount spell. The Cholla, being the most powerful group of mages, have control over the horses brought into this world- as they geld all the stallions to prevent any horse being bred. Not only does this mean that the Cholla are one of the only sources to go for, for horses, but also prevents Nightmares being born. For in this realm, horses are born monstrous. Occasionally nightmares can be seen with in the city, attacking all those who cross their paths- these are likely attempts by the uninformed trying and breed horses.

There is a horse seller north of Donnel, just bordering Tivook province- to get to it, just head north from North Donnel, and follow the road through the farms. The eccentric man there will tell you all about horses and will even sell them to you for a ridiculously expensive price.

  • To call your horse, use the runestone on the ground in front of you and select 'Call Horse'.
  • Always make sure you talk to the horse and choose dismiss when you don't need it. This makes the horse disappear 'safely'. (If a horse is left in an area and the area resets or is killed, you will need to buy a new one.)
  • Use the mount option in the radial, not the talk menu.
  • DO NOT TRY RIDING YOUR HORSE INSIDE. You will be automatically dismounted, but unfortunately the scripts aren't quite working right and it won't recognize the spawned horse as yours- and you'll need to go buy another one.


Most farm holds have pigs, who are intelligent domestic critters that enjoy mud. And taste damn good.

Wild pigs, often black in colour, have been seen in the wilds, especially in Esrogoth. Calm and peaceful, they're no bother to anyone, and can hold themselves against any boar that gets too territorial.


Rats are vermin and are normally killed on sight. No sympathy for the aggressive rodents- although some people question what makes them so aggressive. In Dohral, the stigma is added to be the occasional presence of wererats.

  • No Animal kill count is added for rats.
  • They are excellent XP for level 5-7.


Small snakes and vipers are easily found in caves and in the wilds. But a notable snake is the Ilfaw Fen viper- whose venom is infamous. These snakes often gather in large groups, so one is advised to be wary, and watch their feet.


Wolves can be found in the deep wilds, often in small packs. Most common is the grey wolf, but dire wolves have also been spotted. Winter wolves are not unheard of, but rarely come south from their homes far north of Dohral.

  • Taking on wolf or canine form, or being a werewolf, will make all wolves passive.