Epic Stories: These are stories that are world changing or had a huge impact on history and the land- defeating evil that threatened the land, discovering a secret that changes politics and the world as we know it, war, and so on. Anything that strongly affects more than the players involved or are widley spoken about because of it's nature. Ideally these events should also live up to the term 'Epic' and span across many events and story arches.

Remember that your character may not know all the details, or recognise the characters involved. Perhaps the characters were referred to by a title, not a name, and were not describe enough for you to recognise them on sight. However, these tales are widely spoken of, so if your character is a Native, or spent enough time in the locals inns and taverns, you should have picked some rumours up about them- even if they're not all true, may be exagerrated, or lacking vital information.

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