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The lands around the Eastern Citadel are actually called Urzhnark Lur'rkazarth, "Howling Mountains". The Howling Mountains proper extend far to the Northeast, and the term is also sometimes used to include the Urzhnarks as a whole, including the Uzhnark Thrh'h . The Eastern Citadel is a stronghold of the dwarves located east of Esrogoth Province, and generally northeast of the city of Dohral. This territory is under the control of the dwarves of the Eastern Citadel, they patrol the whole province around the lake into which the Zeethan river drains and which ultimately empties into the Illfaw Fen (south).

Prominent FeaturesEdit

The Eastern Citadel Province is host to a vast lake fed by the Zeethan river which itself drains to the south into the Illfaw Fen. At the western end of the lake, where the river plummets over a falls, the dwarves have created a stronghold that is the destination of the nearby provinces' "Eastern Road" Areas. Within the Eastern Citadel, a bridge connects the north and south banks of the Zeethan river, allowing the dwarves access to both sides and control of such passage (the nearest ford in the river is far west at the logging camps).

The massive defensive structure on the north bank includes a gate connecting the Eastern Citadel by roadway with another dwarven fortification far up into the mountains (north-east). The roadway leading up into the dwarven territories is patrolled by dwarven parties and charged with keeping all 'monsters' out of the region and off the roads.

The Inhabitants of this place, mostly Shield Dwarves and members of the Clan Waannazqa (Fell axe clan, the ruling clan), Clan Taarhthazwak (Deepdraft clan, resposible for most trade and produce), Clan Thkhurrkth'aant (Strongshield clan- is stationed here in rotation tasked with handling caravans traveling the Ascent, under the orders of the Tazjjna'aznn  clan (Dazzlehall)).

The Lake Edit

Called 'Headland Lake by the humans of the land, and Taarhthazwak "Deepdraft". This body of water offers good fishing, but the dwarves don't fish and often find anyone doing so 'suspect'. The dwarven patrols around the lake are frequent; always on the watch for any incursion from the Illfaw Fen or traffic from the (orcs) north. The lake drains along a short waterway, over a falls and into the Illfaw Fen to the south.

Rumour :

  • The dwarves' patrols are aggressive.

There are some resources to be found in this Area, which may include herbs, drywood, fishing and deer.

Southern VergeEdit

The land generally on the south of the lake is known as the Southern Verge, it is patrolled by dwarves to some extent, and is connected by trails to many Areas west and south of the lake.

Rumour :

  • The dwarven patrols are warding against ogres and giants that sometimes hunt the fens and regions that border on it.

NOTE ...

Northern VergeEdit

Areas bordering on the lake to the north of that body are known by the name 'Northern Verge' and are patrolled by dwarves.

Rumour :

  • The dwarves defend against orc incursions here.

NOTE ...

The AscentEdit

The elevations increase to the north and east as one moves into mountainous terrain farther inland. This region is known locally as 'The Ascent' or the 'Skylock Ascent'and is little patroled save for the roadway that leads through it.

Rumour :

  • item - desc.

NOTE ...


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Potential Dangers :

  • Danger. Danger's details.
  • Danger. Danger's details.
  • Danger. Danger's details.

Rumours :

  • Rumour with details.
  • Rumour with details.
  • Rumour with details.

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