These include many different subtypes: Bugbears, Goblins and Hobgoblins are Goblinoids. Giants, Ettins, Ogres and Trolls are Giants. Dopplegangers are shapeshifters and so on..

For Standard races and Argentum Regio playable races please see 'races'. Many of these creatures are also possible to play as player characters, if you get permission from a DM. Those marked with 'Known Playable Race' are creatures that have been successfully played as characters before.

  • Most of these creatures will be known to the general populace, even if people don't know all the details on them. Generally people will know rumours such as 'they eat babies', 'they live in terrible tribes', 'they steal away people', and so on.


Bugbears pop up thoughout the wilds- sometimes alone, sometimes allied with giants. Quite a few groups and clans have set themselves up throughout the wilds- Erogoth, Southern Wilds, and Illfaw Fen being the most popular site.


Dopplegangers are strange, scrawny humanoids, looking a little like walking dried out corpses. They have a natural ability to shapeshift- taking on the form of anyone they see. This has lead to a few cases at night where a doppleganger sees an oppotunity to wear a new face- providing the original person isn't still walking around to threaten the doppleganger's new identity.


An ettin never bathes if it can help it, which usually leaves it so grimy and dirty its skin resembles thick, gray hide. Adult ettins are about 13 feet tall and weigh 5,200 pounds. They live about 75 years. Ettins have no language of their own but speak a pidgin of Orc, Goblin, and Giant.

Ettins are almost never seen away from ogres or giants- especially giants. Weaker then their giant cousins, ettins seem to stay with them for added protection.

Although, in a few rare cases, Ettins prefer to be the strongest around, and may choose to group together with bugbears- not that there's not a giant clan near by though...


Gargoyles are strange beasts. They don't need to breathe, eat or sleep. They can spend years standing as still as a statue, waiting for 'prey' to come buy, so they can amuse themselves devouring it.

Often they are used as guardians, catching unsuspecting trespassers unaware.


Hill giants and Mountain giants often come together in these lands. They seem to be allied with the ogres in Urzhnark Thrh'h and the bugbears of Illfaw. Adult Hill Giants are about 10-1/2 feet tall and weigh about 1,100 pounds. Hill giants can live to be 200 years old.


Argentum Regio is very familiar with goblins. Goblins hunt the West Road- All the way from Tivook to Humfoodale. Travelling this road at night is a guaranteed way to get swarmed by goblins and hobgoblins, who live closely together.

Many of these seem to come from the caves and 'Inky' caves in western Tivook. These caves and the goblins with in are strangely complex. The deeper you go, the more you'll be confused as to the nature of both the caves and the goblins...

Other small clans of goblins do live elsewhere. Some made their home in other cave systems beneath Tivook- although struggle not to get eaten by the foul Aboleths they share them with.

'Cave' goblins, a slightly hardier bunch then the Tivook Goblins, are brave enough to compete against Trolls for space in Trollock.

  • Known Playable Race


Gnolls venture into Humfoodale often for slaves, but sometimes go as far as Tivook. It's suspected they come from the Toltaw forests, far north (Not currently connected to the server). Some clans are more peaceful, choosing to follow their hyena heritage and live as hunter gatherers. Others embrace their fiendish blood, and flourish trafficking slaves.

  • Known Playable Race


Sea hags are very common, and often venture into Dohral city at night, looking for lost citizens.


These foul winged females with melodic voices are scattered through out Argentu Regio, but come in great numbers in Humfoodale wilds


Kobolds are mostly nomadic in Argentum Regio, moving from place to place and avoiding the settled Goblinoid clans(Kobolds tend to be used during DM events, but are currently not found as a 'natural' spawn).

Lizard FolkEdit

These reptilian humanoids live north of the river Zeethan, in the Tivook wilds. Their caves go surprisingly deep.


Ogres dominate the Southern Wilds (Urzhnark Thrh'h) and have an impressively deep cave system called Ziazagh. They come in such numbers even seasoned adventurers can be overwhelmed.

A fair few also compete (or ally with) the bugbear population in Illfaw Fen.


These amphibious humanoids absolutely reek. Being close to them makes you stink for days, clinging to your clothes and skin. Some people even feel weakened from the nauseous smell. They prefer darkness and are only likely to come out of their cave (one they share with the goblins- although not willingly) on moonless nights.


Trolls are monstrous creatures from the giant family, and have an uncanny ability to heal from any wound- except fire. It's highly recommened that adventurers bring plenty of fire bombs with them if they plan on fighting trolls- what used to be a couple of blood splatters is now three fully grown trolls because you failed to burn every last bit of the original troll.

They make their home in Trollock, a strange place, filled with more than just trolls...

  • Known Playable Race